Merry Christmas my loves

12/25/2016 09:25:00 AM

#ParentalAlienation is very real and it is carried out by abusive cowards not just during the holiday season as a tactic to further vilify and victimize the alienated parent but all year long too. I am and have been the victim of not only PA but #DomesticAbuseByProxy and #MaternalDeprivation for years. My ex husband was a lying abusive violent shell of a man that once the relationship ended and he could no longer physically abuse me chose to keep my children from me. My children have suffered their entire childhood and will have lifetime results they will have to deal with due to this monstrous injustice that has taken place against them. Most often people don't think when they make choices concerning their children, they use children as weapons while not realizing one day their ammo will in fact run out.
Don't be a jerk, learn to coparent and do what is best for your child/children... not yourself. If you're a step parent, sit down and let the REAL parents of the child/children parent their child. Children deserve the love of both parents and no one has the right to play judge or God in a child's life.

In the end nothing justifies or minimalizes the removal of a loving and able parent from a child's life.
That IS child abuse.

Ethan and Kaitlyn Jolly, I have LOVED you since you took your very first breath and I will love you far beyond taking my last. You are in our hearts, souls and thoughts not just on Christmas but every single day of the year. This is the 7th year those devils have stolen from us but it won't be long now, our time to rejoice and love without fear is coming. We (your family they have tried their best to erase) have hopes and dreams for you and for the days we are allowed to love and be a family without the hatred and jealousy that family bestows.
My holiday wishes for you are that you know you are loved and wanted more than anything.
Today I wish you joy and happiness.

I love you and Merry Christmas.

Your (only) mom.

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