Oh my goodness... ITS DECEMBER!

12/01/2016 03:23:00 AM

So, I just realized it's December and that means that 2016 is coming to an end. Can you even believe that? Time seems to be flying by here lately so it just needs to slow itself right on down!

Anyways. We spent Thanksgiving up at my moms so I really didn't get a load of pics at all, that's ok though because time was well spent with family and away from cell service. Sometimes I do go crazy at my moms though without service... I avtuallly just offered to have cable internet installed at her house and she agreed so YAY for that! I did the Black Friday shopping and got some pretty good deals, I am for the most part totally done with Christmas shopping! This year will probably be the last year hat the Twinkies believe so I am enjoying every moment of it! ❤️

I did a little decorating last night and so far I have the tree

Which this year is snowman themed! We won't be spending Christmas at this house so I'm not trying to go entirely overboard!

I put up my seasonal mantel banner and I really like it (Target).

I have A LOT going on right now but all in all life is awesome for me and mine! I haven't been able to be exercising BUT, I'm looking ok and actually losing weight by just eating properly! This was the other day, I'm happy with where I am! My doctor says I'm HEALTHY so to me that is a huge step forward for me! 

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