Seriously, do you not have a life?

12/23/2016 12:17:00 PM

You guys claim I am trying to live through you yet the only person stalking anyone is the two of you!!!

What is it you want to see or know? Just drop me a comment and I'll post accordingly ok? I hate that the two of you are wasting all your free time at night stalking me... At least you have found something you both love, me!

This is you, my ex husband.... Trolling my blog ALL. NIGHT. LONG. So what gives? Are you surprised that I really did save things and can prove you're a lying psycho stalking crazed lunatic?

I'll say this one more time... If it isn't about my children you do not know how to take care of please cease this behavior towards me. I know that you are probably upset that I'm not sitting around crying my eyes about you and that I am actually thriving and living (better than you). Those are demons you need to deal with, you wont get anywhere in life dwelling on mine and wishing things were different. :)

If you'd like to end all of this you are more than welcome to contact me about visitation, mediation or anything else that you would think will make reunification of myself and my children easier... Because whether you want it or not it is about to happen, your time is running out at being able to manipulate the situation to fir your lies.

Prayers to you and yours.

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