What's going on in my world?!?

12/07/2016 08:54:00 AM

Today is the day Maddox get evenn more dental work and Mady has a small issue fixed. My poor poor Maddox boy has been through so much this year dental wise so I know that even though he's not liking the aspect of what's being done today he will be happy to have it done and over with.

Speaking of dental issues I still have yet to have the surgery I need... Each time it's time I am either sick or unable to make he appointment. Ugh

My brother is currently in the motions to come home from Japan for a funeral... For those of you reading that don't know he is a marine stationed in Japan. So I am praying he has safe travels! 

I've been finding new shows to watch on TV lately and I came across "This Is Us." I gotta tell you, if you haven't seen this show you have to check it out! I love it! 

Im getting a new car. I know I change them often but... It's what I do. I'm not even sure what kind yet as I'm just looking now, I actually almost got a Dodge truck the other day but decided to make a more productive and informed choice in vehicles. Don't want to be wasting so much gas for not that much more room. I'm seriously considering a Murano or a Tahoe... who knows, I'll probably end up with another sports car. 😂

I can't wait for Christmas... I am so beyond excited!!! We got our tree up and this year I did the snowman theme like I showed in an earlier post.... I like it, I just wish my tree was a bit bigger? Like I forgot it was so small because we threw out all our old ones last year and got that one on short notice because we don't spend Christmas at the house, we go to my moms. But, it will work... Im thinking real tree next year! Maybe. Lol I don't like dealing with the pine needles.

I am anxious about Christmas but I am super excited about the upcoming new year and all it holds for me and mine! ❤️

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