Happy new year yall!

1/08/2017 05:40:00 PM

I hope everyone is having a fantastic new year! Mine hasn't started off that well because of something going on but its not anything personal or medical... Just something crappy that happened and is being dealt with! (HOPEFULLY sooner rather than later)!

Yesterday morning we were supposed to wake up to a ton of snow! Let me tell you, the kids had an amazing time playing int he grass... Like they always do! You guessed it, we didn't get any snow! However, about 50 miles North of us got tons! At least someone got to have fun because the only fun I had was trying to melt the ice on my car so my doors would open. Come to think of it, that wasn't fun! lol

Last night I officially took Maddox out of his bunk bed. Its an IKEA Kura so all I had to do was flip it over and it became a normal twin bed with the ability to make a "tent" around it. I did and low and behold the stupid dog jumped on the top ripping the sheet we were suing for a tent. Never fails.

Im going to be buying another Kura though, the twins want to share rooms until they are 80 so we have to figure out a way to better utilize the space in that room. We are thinking something along the lines of this but with both beds flipped to the bunk side so they will have an area under the bed too. I dont know though, after REALLY looking at this configuration I really love how the dresser in the middle can double as a bedside table and provides extra room. We could ten take and put a board on top and make storage on top.

This idea falls somewhat in line with the above using the beds as bunks and leaving a space in the middle. 

This is actually what the twins like... The L shape with storage under and a tent this would actually allow for 2 extra beds which is perfect for visitors.

I am really leaning towards the first option though with them as bunks. Who knows, time will tell... Ill be sure to update with what I choose and the logistics of how we get it all done.

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