1/22/2017 03:00:00 AM

This year started off with a bang... LITERALLY!

Between trees being struck by lightning on new years and not having hot water for 2 weeks I'm not sure which one is worse! We have had A LOT going on in the first 3 weeks of this year and it seems like each time something is conquered another things pops up! That's life though, right?!?

I know I have mentioned the issues with my tooth that started giving me problems on my birthday...

On Thursday I was finally able to have it AND the infection removed.
It was actually quite painless and I was surprised at the painless removal. The aftercare and aftermath have been worse than the actual extraction... I'm on some pretty dang powerful pain killers that either put me to sleep or make me super sick! Now comes the task of rebuilding and hoping my liver and kidneys don't decide to wage war on my teeth again!

Yeah, check out my SWOLLEN as heck face! At least it was out!

Trump is now the president...

HOPEFULLY he brings the change he has promised. It hurts my heart to see people acting like they are but, I guess there will always be people that feel the need to act out because they didn't get their way! The kids really enjoyed getting to watch all of the festivities of him being sworn in and couldn't stop talking about how they had seen so much history in their short little lives!

Another reason I LOVE the beginning of the year? Well, I love this place all year but I LOVE after Christmas clearance at Target! I got all of this bedding for twins for under $35!!!!

They love it, I love it so we are all happy! Mady was especially excited to have "big girl bedding" because it all matched! Not that she hasn't had matching bedding before but this time every single thing on her bed matches she says!

I'm going to be painting soon, just have to choose colors and such. I'm also still working on their bed layout! I cant wait for it to all come together and let them take part in the remake of their common space... They are super excited!!!!

That's about it for now. I'm going to go back to watching Hell's Kitchen and sleeping off this pain medication from my surgery. :)

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