My workout last night.

2/09/2017 07:44:00 AM

I meant to try and post these each day. Oops.

-100 sit ups (5 reps of 20)
-20 back squats with a 20 bar.
-1 mile fast run on the treadmill.
-10 mins on the elliptical.
-10 reps 20 each on the front row
-10 reps of 20 each on the pull down


So. I joined a gym.

2/05/2017 11:49:00 PM

I joined Planet Fitness. I'm excited!

Tonight I went for the first time and I did the 30 min express workout, stair climber, bike, treadmill and some free weights. I plan on keeping up with my routine I did tonight for a while. When I was done because I have the "black card" I went and used the hydra massage and it was AWESOME! Nothing hurts right now but I'm sure I'll be feeling it in the morning.

That's all. I'll post updates and progress. I'm not really trying to lose weight just tone up and shape up.


A whole bunch of yuck and a new thing!

2/03/2017 10:31:00 AM

I'm sick. I have the flu that turned into pneumonia before I ever knew I had the flu, go figure... Only me.

I'm on antibiotics so I'm hoping I start to feel a tad better here soon. I've slept a lot and will probably sleep a whole bunch more. My appetite has stayed pretty good as has my overall body aches and pains so even though I AM miserable I'm thankful for that! But, thee chapped lips? They can go some damn where because they certainly are NOT welcomed here! Thank the lawd for my Vaseline advanced healing lip stuffs!!!

I finally get to get a new phone on Monday, I sure am excited about that. The one I have has given me nothing but issues for the last few months. I'm also excited for the bigger screen!

As for life it is going pretty good. Only 2 small speed bumps coming up but, we will overcome them because I know HE's got us! I mean all in all life actually is pretty much awesome here lately. Everything has really been going good. Happy and going good so that's all I could ask for. Right? Yep!

OH! My tooth issues is actually going pretty good. I am now healing perfectly and other than a slight little blister its almost completely healed. Infection gone, pain gone and all is now good on THAT side of my mouth. One more tooth to go and we will be back to good and can start rebuilding! Watch your teeth if you ever get sick with your liver and kidneys because they will be one of the first things that take a beating!

I've been watching a lot of Netflix here lately since I've been sick with the tooth and now this flu/pneumonia crap! My latest thing is a series called "Between." I started by thinking I'd ust check out the first episode and now I'm hooked! I'm going to be so upset when I watch them all up and have to wait for more. I highly recommend that show if you're looking for something to watch. I've also been watching "House." I never really got into those when they were actually airing but I have found that I really do like the show. I've got enough of those to last me for a while though.

Oh yes... The new thing I mentioned in the title? I will be going to a Gym now!!!! I'm super excited because I get to go to Planet Fitness and use all of the neat stuff they have! I would say I am excited for the free tanning that come with my card but, I don't CAN'T tan! LMAO

That's it for now people. Time to go look at a few things online, take a nap and do some mom things! My poor house is suffering with me having been under the weather like I have been... I was actually doing well at NOT being sick there for a while!

Bye y'all!

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