I have been feeling horrible!

3/12/2017 02:13:00 PM

Well, horrible is an understatement.

We went on a trip last month to Vegas and I had already been sick for about a week. I honestly thought I was getting better until... I got on that plane. Once in Vegas I was able to control the sickies with medicine so it wasn't THAT BAD! After a while in Vegas we headed home and I had actually started to feel better until a week ago. I woke up last Friday and my throat felt like it was closing because my sinuses were SO stopped up! I ended up going half crazy due to the infection and lack of sleep!!! After 3 days of no rest and the feeling of choking due to lack of breath I ended up at the ER via and ambulance ride. The ER made it all better, they gave me some sort of shot that literally made everything vacate my sinuses! All was well and I felt amazing for the next two days. UNTIL I woke up coughing my head off with a clogged ear... So now I am waiting for my new medicine to take effect so this stupid ear infection goes away.
I cant take the pressure and the feeling of my ear being full so I bought this thing from Walmart. Of course it would be my luck they don't sell it in stores so I have to wait two days but hey, if it works I will be in heaven and it will be worth the wait!

I haven't been able to go to the gym due to being sick. :(
The last time I actually went was the morning I left out to go to Las Vegas. I actually didn't even go and use the gym, I used the showers. lol
It will feel good to get back in the gym and get back to feeling better, I cant wait!

I'm not much for typing, talking or really doing anything at the moment so this is about all you're going to get for a post! Back to binge watching Last Man Standing... Yeah, I found a new show to be obsessed with! :)

I will post a Vegas post when I get to feeling better but, for now if you would like to check out a few photos you can do so on My Facebook if you're friends with me OR My Instagram which is public. :)

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