Hey ya'll, long time no post!

5/17/2017 08:16:00 AM

Hey blog land, I haven't been keeping up with anything lately... I've been sick and busy! lol

This lung issue I have is taking me for a loop.

Well. I started this post in 5/7 and as usual got up from what I was doing and didn't finish. So now I'm finishing this post. It is now 5/17 and where am I you ask? The hospital. I'm in the hospital where I've been since the night I started this post. Lung issue throwing me for a loop is no lie... I ended up going to the hospital with what I believed to be a heart attack only to be told I had suffered a pulmonary embolism! WHAT? At my age? Are you sure? Not only that but here came some more bad news... they found a tumor in my right breast! I was beside myself.

I picked myself up off the ER floor and I decided to fight every bit of this with my head held high. I spent 4 days in one hospital only to be moved to another where yes, in still a patient! Why you ask? Because I developed Sepsis... which if you don't already know it's a killer bacterial infection that works its way into your blood stream.  I have high hopes of going home it just isn't happening for me.  Maybe today will be my day! )))Fingers Crossed((((

With the tumor thing I will probably blog about it... I will more than likely fall behind on keeping up with it but, I'm going to fight it full force. I know that God has got me and his plan is already laid out for me but I intend to stay here as long as I can... Like I told someone else,,, I'm not done being my babies mama yet! ❤️

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