When’s the last time I was here?!?

8/07/2017 04:53:00 AM

May 17th? Holy wow! So much has happened since then it isn’t even funny
I mean, I have almost died twice and been in the hospital like 5 times! I started my job back, I got in a horrible wreck and I’m just living life! I’m actually just now at a point where I can stop, breathe and laugh about it....

So here goes, let me share my tales with you!

As you all know back in May (and even before that) I was having horrible issues with breathing and being sick. I was in the hospital nearly every day and night trying to get some kind of relief that never did come. One night in particular I woke Trey up screaming that “I was dying” and little did I know I wasn’t lying! Trey took me to the hospital that night and I had a pulmonary embolism! For those of you that don’t know what that is it is a blood clot, in your lung. It is almost always a death sentence because many people don’t even realize they have them until it’s too late. Mine was large and having issues exiting my lung which in turn caused pain... Had I not felt the pain I would have passed away. So thank the good man above for that!

After I was released from the hospital on that issues I wound up right back due to bleedig, blood was coming from everywhere and it was a tad bit scary... Come to find out when you’re on blood thinners that tends to happen. I was sent home from the ER only to be called back the next night to return due to bacteria being found in my cultures... So, here I go. I was directly admitted upon my arrival and kept for a week. They claimed my cultures were contaminated and I was ok. I went home only to wake up the very next morning close to death, I had a fever of 104 and it was only getting worse! By the time Trey got me to the hospital it was damn near 106 and I was delusional. I couldn’t breathe, my blood pressure was through the roof and I was what they refer to as “septic!” I was dying. But, luckily they fixed me right up and sent me on my way! This time I went home feeling like a champ and ready to face the world... And I did!

The day after I was released from the hospital a long time friend of mine asked me to come to work with her and help her out. I agreed and off I went. Little did I know I’d be signing my life away, here it is 3 months later and she is gone and I am now in charge of the entire store. I like it, it gives this mama something to do while the children’s are at school and it’s always nice to have some extra cash laying around, isn’t it? I had literally worked non stop without a day off until just last week... YES, here comes another hospital stay! I went to the doctor for an issue with my eye and when they checked my blood pressure is was a no go. Meaning me, I wasn’t going anywhere but the hospital! And I did, I was admitted and stayed for 4 days. I’m better now, back at work and feeeling as good as to be expected.

But, in the midst of all of that on July 21st I was rear ended at a redlight. It resulted in my car being totaled and me being seriously injured. Luckily nothing is broken but, I have some serious muscular issues going on! Hopefully through treatment I have coming up I can get that squared away. I’m looking at new cars, it’s exciting but tiring... So many choices.

I also had a breast cancer scare. I’m not ready to share it publicly on my blog but for those of you that knew I am doing ok! I will share everything eventually, when I am ready.

Next week brings back to school, it is welcomed this year... Summer has been so hectic it will be nice to be able to just sit down... Until it’s time to work, feed a kid or clean the house!

Thank you everyone for the kind thoughts, well wishes, gifts sent to us and messsages... They were all received with love and cherished just the same. I hope to stay blogging now that I am past the horrible beginning of this year! So, talk at you soon!

I will share some updated photos when I am not posting from my phone!

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