12/14/2018 01:21:00 AM

I am DONE with this child telling lies on me and slandering my name… so here are a few truths for the stupid child.

Apparently these were written by someone married to my someone I used to know? Number one is that she IS bat shit crazy and number two I can not believe she would write about me in an about section of a blog based on her “new life” (even though they ARE lies). I don’t think about her that much on a daily basis and I find it sad she thinks it’s ok to slander me like that with vicious lies. I will only write about her once and that is because I feel this needs to be addressed but after this I will never speak of her idiotic self again because this blog is about me, my life and my happiness… Not her, the monster she is married to and the way both of them LIE!
I will NOT allow this venomous child to belittle me or lie about me ANYMORE… So this is where I will state the TRUTH!

I am so sick and tired of seeing this tramp that doesn't even know me except from what others have said about me go on and on.... I'm sick of watching her tell MY STORY that she wasn't even around from again based off of things people that hate me told her. If its not your story bitch, don't fucking tell it. You don't hear me running around talking about how you claim you were raped as a child, now do you? Nope. So don't talk about the life I lived when you weren't living it! OF COURSE my ex is going to tell you I was a horrible wife that destroyed all of his things, manipulated him and did nothing but cheat. You're a fucking psycho Ashley Jolly. PLAIN AND SIMPLE, you two idiots deserve each other.
As you know I do not speak publicly of  her and haven’t for quite a while. I wish she could get over me, I really do.
I do speak ill of her in private but that’s only because I think she are absolutely psychotic however I am happy that she has found happiness and I am happy that the monster she is married to changed his ways…

Lord knows she talks bad about me and how I cheated on my ex but she doesn’t ever bring up how you did your ex. I mean what… It was 3 at one time before you finally up and left? Don’t beat me down for the SAME THINGS you have done because that is not very God like.
Just because he doesn’t hit her doesn’t mean he didn’t hit me… That very mother in law she speaks of knows for a fact he placed hands on me but I’m sure much like her  husband does, she is lying.

In fact the very night I left that house and was taken to jail because he LIED to the police (you would know all about the brothers thing I have been told, isn't that why they couldn't do anything to your ex that beat you while you tried to breastfeed your child?) I had a BITE mark and hand prints on my back. These were documented in my booking photos, I bet you didn’t know that did you? I have numerous old emails of he and I bantering back and forth about how he hits me and that’s not right, I also have an email he wrote to his mother once admitting all of his wrong doing… The cheating, hitting, verbal assault and everything else. I understand though it is natural for uoi to say I am lying, its typical second wife behavior,
People don’t always repeat what they did in their last relationship. Lord knows I know this and learned it first hand… That man you is married to cheated on me twice before our first child ever came along and one of those times was when I was 7 months pregnant. Did he do that to you? Probably not. Does that mean he didn’t do it to me? No, it doesn’t.
People change and if he truly doesn’t hit you than I am happy that he found a way to curve his anger other than hitting…
Ask your father in law, there are PLENTY of times that I had to call him to our home on Holidays because my ex would wake up and make life a living terror for anyone involved. I TRULY hope he is better and over that because NO ONE deserves to live like that. But sitting there and saying I am lying about things that happened to me would be like me saying you are lying about your childhood and what happened to you. I wasn’t there, I don’t know, I cant go off of what others say and neither can you and the only person that knows the truth are those that were involved and that is he and I. OF COURSE he will tell you its a lie, come on ANYONE is smart enough to know that.

I don’t care about you, at all. I think it’s funny how you speak of things you know NOTHING about (other than from what people have told you… People that don’t like me).
You claim to be such a godly woman, live by Christ blah blah blah… Give me a break. YOU ARE crazy, you and that man hide behind the bible and lie lie lie to anyone that will listen. But hey, if that is how yall make their life livable, I can’t hate.
You can tell people what you want about me not seeing my children, I email my evil ex mother in law all the time asking however I am ignored. You can claim my ex has full custody ALL YOU WANT however he doesn’t keep them and hasn’t since we’ve been divorced, so copy those divorce papers ALL YOU WANT and give them to people, you are NOTHING more than delusional.
Yeah. And I do laugh at your “photography” because we all know you had no interest in such until you got with my ex and obtained a camera that WAS MINE. You follow photographers I do and you comment on things hoping I will see them, you can’t let anything go or be original to save her soul. you sat there and posted about Oak Hill Farms and how you’d love to shoot there again. Little did you know I’m friends with the lady who runs that place because that’s where one of my best friends got married. We all sat around and secretly laughed at your lies of shooting there. Sorry, not sorry.
You post things hoping I get jealous… No one cares about your new t3. I have a 5d Mark 3 so there is NO jealousy there and that’s not me being mean. You just seem to think everything you has is better than me and that you must brag. Most of what you have WAS/IS mine, you husband, house, MY kids, some furniture and my Nikon.. I mean seriously sweetie.. REALLY?

Oh hey, I am selling a 6d and a t3i though if you’d like it… I mean you DO like my seconds and left overs! I’ll even give it to you for half off. I mean you must have a huge tax return now with the new baby and claiming two that don’t live with them? Let me know, k! You tell people I posted nasty things on your photo page. I didn’t and as much as I think you deserve to be called out I wouldn’t do that. It’s a shame you think you know SO MUCH about me but in all honestly you know nothing. Why? Because all you did was take the time to sleep with my ex husband before he and I separated. We were not in the midst of a divorce as he might have told you and that’s a fact. You told someone that she and he DID NOT get together until after he and I started the process of divorce and that is a LIE!
This is the and I the night of the PJ party to which YOU showed up to and the same day he told YOU he was done with you and you called him “my bitch!”
Looks to me like he was playing BOTH of us and you STILL believe his lies. You met up with him at that concert he went to while I was at work (another thing you claimed I didn’t do) and then started “dating” him in October if 2009. You called the police on me in October and I went to jail because of that and at that time she moved into my house and lived there as if it was your own and you even went as far as to help pack all of my belongings into boxes and put them in the garage. You posted pictures of yourself inside of my home and plastered them all over Facebook but then you claimed it was your aunts house and not mine. I got out of jail and came home and my ex left that day… I then took a TPO out on him and let it ride for a few weeks… The day he and I went to court for the TPO I dropped it, we went and got our children took them to eat then went home and “made up” with each other… That’s also the same night that he took you and your mother to Whiskey River. See? He lied to both of us.
If you had waited until we were in the “midst” of a divorce that would have been AFTER 3/1/2010 my last day at the house (also the same day he slept with that girl that works at Walmart when you were out of town.. teehee with Casey visiting the man you were supposed to marry) or 4/21/2010 (the day he filed) but funny thing is I have emails from Jan of 2010 were you were talking weddings with him. Again, he must have been lying to BOTH OF US!
You could have gone about what you did decently and stepped back until I was gone, but you didn’t and you knows as well does God what you did and you can’t lie to your maker.
SYou emulates things I do and I am not the only one that sees this SHYOU EVEN WENT AS FAR AS TO GET THE SAME TATTOO I HAVE!!!!!
You have people follow me that accidentally end up liking things on my Twitter.
You goe on Pinterest and pins the exact same thing I do sometimes mins after I have it is outright absolutely sad the things you do. . HOWEVER CLEARLY you can see that not one hour after I pin multiple wreaths you goes and pin some of them too.. And this isn’t the first time you have done this..
Check the time stamps! :)
PicMonkey CollageIMAG0572
That husband of yourws… Well for someone that cares nothing about me sure does LOVE stalk my websites…
He even has gone as far as to SAVE my website to his desktop at work for easier access to it.
Why is YOUR HUSBAND searching my blog? hmmmmmIMAG0092
You stole pictures that I TOOK while still married to my ex and posted them on your photography page as your own work… They are mine, I took them and that’s why you didn’t add them back to your site after I had Facebook take them down. LOOK at the dates.. I took and posted that picture before you ever ran into him at that concert… YOU STOLE IT almost 3 years later and used it as your own, even went as far as to place a logo on it claiming it to be yours… That’s STEALING and not something I would want from a photographer. Do I think people should know you did this? YES, because this is not cool.
You do nothing but lie about me and start drama with your serpent tongue and I am sick of it.
You have told lies to a judge about me. I made threats to burn your house down? No, I didn’t. I pinned something I thought was funny and YOU made it about YOU.  Not everything I write, pin, tweet or blog is about YOU.
Speaking of LYING, syou lied on the paper you filed for her TPO. My kids dont live with you and havent in the last 5 years but yet you put they did so that you would look better.
Telling people I follow you, telling people I stalk you? Seriously? I don’t drive you crazy woman, I can’t. ANSWER ME THIS.. How did you know where I lived when I moved back to GA? Who stalks who? Wait isn’t it YOU that when someone said they were going to Florida in 2010 said “watch out for the crazy” and it just so happens that *I* was in Florida at that time? Yes, it was. Now how did you know I was in Florida? Me thinks you might have been stalking my pages.

I made threats to drive to South Ga for your wedding? NOPE. I don’t and can’t drive because of medical issues nor would I care to. I was happily married … Which oh might I add was actually a year after he and I separated, yes a few months after divorce but don’t try and make it look like I jumped from one to another because I, in fact did not.
OH which makes me remember THIS. You got married in Tybee in 2012 but I’m sure you remember the fact that Trey and I were planning on being married in Tybee in 2010 but my ex and I did not get divorced in time and by the time we did were already living in TN. I still have screenshots of our wedding page and my planning book… I think that’s cute you copied me.
Also, I didn’t even live in this state when you got married and there is no way I would drive out of my way for you and your low budget hillbilly ho down. Oh and you told a judge that my husband does drugs, deals them, has guns, beats me and we CLAIM to have kids in the home. Why? Why do you lie about us like this? We dont claim to have kids, we do have kids. Unlike your lying asses! Bless your heart, I don’t have to “claim” to care for my kids because I actually do. It’s called responsibility so maybe you and he should go get my kids from my ex mother in law and try it… It’s amazing being a REAL mama!
Which takes me to the fact Syou claim I do all of this to hyou… That must be exactly why a judge DENIED your bogus PERMANENT protective order?  And I didn’t even have to SHOW UP for it to be denied. lol
Come on if I was “showing up at places you were” under a TPO you could have had me arrested. But wait, you couldnt because why? Because I didnt follow you you stupid bitch. You two just kept taking out TPO's to keep me away from my kids. Yo would claim I could see them and when I tired you two idiots would claim there was a TPO,
Keep telling people “I didn’t show up to court” for my divorce proceedings… Number one they sent the damn papers to the WRONG address. and number two I was in the hospital on the day if the final hearing for cancer surgery, I had two tumors removed. The same cancer you claim I never had? I have the medical records to prove it dipshit! You crack me up with your absolutely pathetic attempts at convincing people on the outside of your version of the truth.
Nothing of mine is private! You know why? I’m not a liar and I have NOTHING to hide. You on the other hand hides behind privacy and lie lie lie. You make everything you have private because you dont want anyone to see the lies you live. Id hide my life too if I lived yours.
Why not tell the TRUTH about when you got with my ex husband? I will never know.. Maybe because then you would look like the home-wrecking whore you so desperately try not to be. Trey wasn’t and had not been in the picture. You makes it out like my poor ex husband was being cheated on and you saved him… I still have emails of you sending nude pictures to him, telling him he was “my bitch” when he told you he was working things out with me.
Why are you  telling people I owe you money? I don’t and you know that is the absolute TRUTH. You probably wish I did seeing as both you and he had to file bankruptcy (with money you borrowed from someone and did not repay) but I don’t and never have owed you anything. Go ahead also and continue to tell everyone HE paid for everything, if that was the case he wouldn’t have had to file bankruptcy, and no I didn’t run bills up… When he lost his job things went on the back burner and then a year later I got my money… He flourished from that until I left and he was cut off. That’s why the car went back, he couldn’t afford it anymore because *I* wasn’t paying for it. You know where my husband works and you know how I live, it is QUITE evident I have money and it isn’t from drugs like you so love to claim. :/
You speak about medical issues bu doesn’t know what you are talking about. You are correct though.. I didn’t have MS when I was with my ex as I was diagnosed in October of 2010 so for you to sit there and tell someone he never heard about it so I must not have it only made you look stupid.
I don’t care HOW you live life NOW or what was going on between he and I what you did was wrong, how you went about it was wrong. You lied, you were dishonest and spiteful. You obtained a man that cheated on his wife to be with you, that’s nothing to brag about or build up.
In a perfect world you and that “man” would pull the sticks out of their asses and work together with me (the mother of those children) and do the right thing. But we both know that will never happen because y'all simply can’t be wrong.
You really do make me sick, it’s simply disgusting to watch you parade around like  perfect godly people all the while you’re nothing more than a delusional LIARS.
How would YOU feel if you and my ex got divorced and he told his new wife all types of lies and kept your children from you? Maybe you should think about taking your own advice in the way you have “changed your ways” and blah blah blah simply put…

You and that man and entire family are outright disgusting for the lies they tell about me and keeping my children from me… It’s called parental alienation and it’s ABUSE. You know all about that, so you say... So why would you do it to children you “claim” to love so much.
Stop talking about my private life sweetie… It’s none of your business.
I openly will post my number and email for ANYONE to contact me about my children, however we both know it wil never happen because you want nothing more than to whipe me from their lives to make their father appear a saint. Sad thing is, children grow and in the end they WILL know the truth and they WILL hate both of them. It doesn’t have to be like this, everyone could act grown and co-parent but there are two people in this equation that are totally incapable of that.
678-445-7774 or Jamawynn@gmail.com is where I can be reached if anyone cares to do the right thing…. I won’t hold my breath though.
If you can’t be an adult and contact me about my kids then don’t be a child and talk crap about me and tell lies.
From this day forward I will follow the above. Keep talking about me and living in the past, you’re future will never be bright if you do so. I don’t have to do anything to you and I will continue to live by the fact that I have peace in the fact that my children will know the truth because as you can see.. I have plenty to show them when they are of age to do so and come looking asking why I didn’t come around… I will show them EVERYTHING… All of the pics, emails, lies. video recordings of him hitting me and calling me names, pics of bruises, recordings of convos I had with him where he talks about hitting me… They will know it ALL and they will then be able to make their own choice.


Karma is a lovely gift of life and I FIRMLY believe syou will get yours as others in that family have been hit HARD by her already and I am sure she will continue to spread the love.
I also know that God will get all of them in the end… Like I said you can lie ALL YOU WANT down here… That’s the one person you cant lie to.
In the end I have done a lot of wrongs in my life but the difference between you and I is I have truly made my life right, I truly do live right now and I don’t treat people the way you and he do nor do I lie like the two of them. I can honestly say I am happy the two of of you are nothing more than narcissistic liars because if she you and youer little homeless child hadnt come along Id still be stuck on that endless ride of abuse. So cheers to you bitch, you wont. LMFAO
Me? I am happily married and though he and I have had issues like all married couples we are strong, we are best friends, we are awesome parents and no matter what TRASHY people say about us or attempt to do to us can change that. So write what you want, tell the lies you want, lie to my children but enjoy them while you can. You can always keep a mama from their child but you can’t keep a grown child from finding their mama. What are you going to do then? What’s going to happen when they find out you and their dad are lying frauds? Id hate to be in her shoes however I’m sure hell already have moved on to the next one by then and YOU will just be another name in his book.
This is nothing more than a serious case of “second wife syndrome!”
So please, if you cant say anything TRUE and/or nice just SHUT YOUR DAMN NASTY MOUTH!
Leave me alone, stop talking about me, stop lying on me, just stop. It is THAT EASY sweetheart!
“All you are is mean
And a liar, and pathetic, and alone in life
And mean, and mean, and mean, and mean”

Adding this this blog... Ashley was contacted by my (under the age of 18) daughter who was asking about her brother and sister Ashley tried to lie to my daughter about me and tell her things that no adult should tell a child. Much less a minor child she is not in any way related to. Ashley also told my daughter that she would meet her at an undisclosed location by herself and that she couldn't tell me. Ashley Jolly you are a fucking lying bitch, stay away from my daughter.


Hey, I made that!

12/13/2018 08:19:00 PM

You wouldn't believe how many zip ties are holding this together! lol

All 3 pieces bought separately and pieced together to make it my own!


A little re decorating

12/13/2018 07:59:00 PM

As most of you know, I love to decorate! I'm not always able to live out my visions and sometimes things I do turn out horrid! But, my living room is a task I took on a little bit earlier this year and I absolutely could not be happier! 
Here it is before

And here is what I've done. Pretty much went with another theme (Farmhouse) and I am in love!

The top is now and of course the bottom is before I got the new couch and a few other things.
I feel like its a little more open, light and airy. I am also digging the neutral colors.

We are all set up for Christmas though! I used to blue tree again even though I really wanted to go with a different theme. Oh well, there is always next year and that just means I can buy everything I want at super super cheap after Christmas is over this year!

I did buy new things for my front entry way. I did it all up for Christmas and every single person I have showed is in love with it.
These are the colors I will be doing my entire living room in next Christmas! 

Believe it or not almost everything on that table and tree came from KROGER!?! We went there one night to buy some groceries and I saw some things I just could not pass up so I put them in the buggy... At checkout they were ringing up at 50% off so you better believe I loaded up on everything I wanted! I was so excited and I've even been back a few times for more as well as buying things for my stores! Yep, I decorated those too! 

I will post some more photos from inside the house as I go along. I'm sure this isn't the only thing I will get the itch to redo!


Hey there blogland

12/13/2018 07:44:00 PM

So, I made a promise to keep up with this blog better this year and I just didn't. I have been so busy it isn't even funny and I'm only going to get even more busy! But, I love my life and everything about it!

Kids are doing amazing!!!! My oldest one got married and I cant even lie, I love his wife! She is amazing and so good to him. I cant wait to see what the future holds for them.

This year has been awesome to my family and me! I was over all a lot more healthy this year and was able to do things I wasn't able to last year! I tell you what, last year with that blood clot sure was a scary thing to go through. I was finally able to come off of my Eloquis this year with little to no issues! Hopefully I don't EVER have to take that medication ever again!

I seriously do want to keep this blog updated so I have something to look back on. I just cant ever seem to find the time to do it!


So... We meet again!

6/28/2018 02:21:00 PM

It's been super long since I've been here, almost 6 months to be exact... Lots has changed. LOTS!

I still work at the same place and do the same thing and, I still LOVE MY JOB! It is stressful at times but I wouldn't trade it for another. 

One MAJOR change that came along was I bought a NEW CAR! After many many many months of waiting I finally settled about my Fusion as was able to move on. To bigger and most definitely better!

I love it. More importantly my kids love it!

I also never did get around to sharing any type of pics from my house... So here goes...

This was before I moved everything after we first moved in

This was after.
Ie love it. If you follow me and have for a while you know I always bitched about a table I wanted to refinish... THAT'S IT!

I also had the pleasure of refinishing this!

Here it is complete at present day! 

Yes, I love the Pioneer Woman Collection!

Thats it for right now... I will update more later as I have a lot to share. Those sneak peaks should hold you over until then!

Enjoy life!

1/13/2018 07:16:00 AM

It’s been a long time since I’ve been around these parts!

Life is good, hectic but good.
I’m back at work more than full time so that gives me pleasure, yes, I said pleasure! Even though stressful at times I certainly love my job and the people I get to work around! ❤️

All of my kiddos are doing amazing! The twins adjusted well to the move (I was very worried they wouldn’t) and other than that life has been business as usual around these parts.

I do wish I had more time to blog, each year I say I will but I end up not doing so. I want to be able to look back on this one day and be like “oh yeah, that was great.” Instead I just have a bunch of nothing.... So, I’m going to try harder to stay updating my blog!

Until next time. Adios.

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