So... We meet again!

6/28/2018 02:21:00 PM

It's been super long since I've been here, almost 6 months to be exact... Lots has changed. LOTS!

I still work at the same place and do the same thing and, I still LOVE MY JOB! It is stressful at times but I wouldn't trade it for another. 

One MAJOR change that came along was I bought a NEW CAR! After many many many months of waiting I finally settled about my Fusion as was able to move on. To bigger and most definitely better!

I love it. More importantly my kids love it!

I also never did get around to sharing any type of pics from my house... So here goes...

This was before I moved everything after we first moved in

This was after.
Ie love it. If you follow me and have for a while you know I always bitched about a table I wanted to refinish... THAT'S IT!

I also had the pleasure of refinishing this!

Here it is complete at present day! 

Yes, I love the Pioneer Woman Collection!

Thats it for right now... I will update more later as I have a lot to share. Those sneak peaks should hold you over until then!

Enjoy life!

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