YES! I am THAT mom... The one you wish you were. The one you love to hate but secretly wish to be like.  I love Jesus but I cuss a little, I have more tattoos than I do fingers and toes, more than one baby daddy and I'm not ashamed of any of it. I love my kids and husband fiercely and will do anything for my family. I'm no different than you, just more colorful!
I wont sit here and blow rainbows up your ass while riding my figurative unicorn. I am not perfect, I don't pretend to be but, I'm also not a horrible person like some people I have come across in life.
My future is not dictated by my past and the opinions of others do not matter to me. I am the best person I can be for my family and at the end of the day if they are happy, that is ALL that matters in my eyes.

Enjoy my blog, rantings, raves or whatever you want to call it! I'm a beautiful chaotic mess and I'm not ashamed to show it!

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